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There are only a few regions in the world where in such a small area there are so many natural diversities as in the area of Zadar County. Cities and tourist centers on the riviera offer countless options for your vacation. Almost 300 islands, each of which tells its own story and are so diverse that they probably have only one thing in common – each being an island. Paklenica National Park is a wonderful natural attraction and river canyon looks like it is on the other side of the world and not just a few kilometers away. Here you will find mountains which are as beautiful as the Alps, here there is even a freshwater lake right on the shore. And then the Zadar city, a city that hides so much in its small streets, a city of music with one of the most acoustic structures ever built, and the only city in the world where the music organs are being played by the sea. The city where the sun sets into the sea between the islands, the city of universities, the city of basketball.

From Pag to Lake Vransko, from the Velebit to Dugi Otok, you are in for the most interesting natural diversity in Croatia, top food and enjoyment in everything you came here for.

Welcome to Zadar Region.